Five Shocking Facts About How To Increase Desire In A Woman

Five Shocking Facts About How To Increase Desire In A Woman

 How To Increase Desire In A Woman

How To Increase Desire In A Woman

Six years after Viagra transformed the sexual energy of men, many women are still awaiting their turn to find a way for how to increase desire in a woman. To day, the FDA hasn’t established a product to increase female sex drive.

It’s no little problem. A low sex drive is the most prevalent sexual objection made by women — up to 30% to 40% of them, according to Sandra Lieblum, Ph.D., leader for the Center for Sexual and Relationship Health in New Jersey.

The Search for a Cure Of How To Increase Desire In a Woman

The Search for a Cure

The Search for a Cure

Throughout the years, many medicines and contraptions have pledged a way of how to increase desire in a woman, but the discerning have questioned if the so-called solutions are truly enjoyed liniments, or simply snake oil.

Just because someone demands increasing female libido, it doesn’t suggest that it’s true. We have to make certain that the case is being made on scientific data.

Yet, even if something seems to work in a scientific study, there is the matter that just being a portion of a study to develop how to increase desire in a woman might itself have a symbolic effect on libido; it’s named a placebo effect.

It has to do with women’s hopes and belief that any medication will prove useful. Any lady who goes into a trial to increase libido is driven to be more active.

The influence of the placebo is so powerful that many health authorities look only to double-blind, placebo-controlled tests to determine a product’s effectiveness. In these researches, a group of subjects takes a real drug, while a different one gets an imitation substance. Neither the researchers nor the members know which real drug is.

Use this criterion to the dozens of turn-ons for women out there, and the amount of proper elixirs dwindles to maybe one or two that work for some women. Even with the greatest of researches, practiced opinion varies on what runs best for female libido.

There is an agreement, nevertheless, on just how complex female desire is. Women’s drive is so complicated that biology is only one portion that stimulates sex drive.

Besides biology, the next circumstances can influence how to increase desire in a woman:

  • State of the relationship
  • Perspectives of upbringing
  • Care of peer group
  • Kind of touch and sex
  • Knowledge of partners
  • Age
  • Illness
  • Management of medications
  • Sentimental well-being

The problem with one or a mixture of these parts can affect women’s sex drive (how to increase desire in a woman). Such a lack of interest in sex is medically known as hypoactive sexual desire dysfunction (HSDD).

Some commercial goods have either been created or examined to treat HSDD.


Despite reports and many advertising claims to the opposite, there isn’t a female Viagra out there.

We grasp that Viagra doesn’t serve women (how to increase desire in a woman).

Women are not minimum. They are more complex than men in what they need, what they desire, what feels real to them, and they’re also complex at the biochemical level.

Female desire is, certainly, so much more elaborate than male sexuality that too after many scientific investigations involving about 3,000 ladies, Viagra-maker Pfizer hasn’t been capable to come up with certain findings. First this year, the company stated it was completing research of Viagra in women.

But this does not imply there isn’t hope for some ladies. An investigation is ongoing on many other goods for how to increase desire in a woman.

Testosterone For How To Increase Desire In a Woman



Two comprehensive studies conferred at scientific meetings this year show the testosterone patch Intrinsa, produced by Procter & Gamble, can improve sexual liveliness in 50% to 70% of ladies (how to increase desire in a woman).

The members, though, only cover a picked group of women with HSDD.

Every research they have done so far on the testosterone patches in the known domain is just including women who have had their ovaries excluded (surgically menopausal), and they’re all estrogen-treated before they combine the testosterone. So despite estrogen treatment, they still have reduced sexual desire

Women who have had their ovaries eliminated are good applicants for testosterone treatment since the ovaries are a primary source of testosterone as well as estrogen. In these ladies, it was like they were recovering levels to what it would have been having they still owned their ovaries.


There is one FDA-approved androgen (male hormone) on the run for ladies. Estratest is a mixture of oral estrogen and testosterone.

Although the merchandise is only allowed to treat estrogen-resistant hot flashes, it has been employed “off-label” by physicians and patients. Off-label use suggests physicians order medications for a purpose other than what they are allowed for.

Estratest has not been allowed to increase sexual desire in menopausal women, but double-blind tests have proved it can do the job. The nice thing is that it is a pharmacy-grade good intended for women. So there is a lot of information on security and efficiency.

The disadvantage is that the medication is a fixed-dose of a mixture of estrogen and androgen. Ladies who may not require estrogen for hot flashes may not need to use the product.

Estratest would be a very suitable treatment for surgically menopausal women who, after surgery, see hot flashes and a reduction in [sexual] desire.

Estratest and other medications, while helpful for some women, are not cure-alls for libido. None of these [medications] are presumably going to be helpful on their own. They all demand to be viewed as a multifaceted path to both evaluation and intervention.

Like all estrogens, the hormone may raise the risk of heart attack, stroke, breast cancer, endometrial cancer, and plasma clots in the lungs or legs. Androgens can raise the prospect of liver cancer, and produce masculinizing effects in women.

Wellbutrin – How to Increase Desire In a Woman



There is some indication that the antidepressant medication, Wellbutrin, may be capable to find a way of how to increase desire in a woman.

In a twelve-week introductory study of sixty-six women most of who were not menopausal, 39% described being pleased with their levels of sexual desire. Harry Croft, MD, a psychiatrist and sex therapist based in San Antonio, announced the outcomes of the study at the 2000 American Psychiatric Association conference.

Authorities say they are not informed of any comprehensive studies on Wellbutrin and how to increase desire in a woman. But they aren’t shocked that the medication may have some consequence on women’s libido.

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