11 Nutrition Recommendations for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Nutritional Recommendations for Coronavirus

Nutritional Recommendations for Coronavirus

It´s important to take care of your eating habits from home during this period in which our day to day has totally changed as a result of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

That is why we invite you to take note of these tips that will help you to stay these days of confinement at home:

Have a positive attitude

This period can become an opportunity to do all those things that you did not have time to do in your day to day (pending work or courses to update yourself, cultivate hobbies, self-care, enjoy rest…).

Make sure that the coronavirus does not prevent you from managing your purchase well

A purchase and a well-structured and organized pantry with healthy foods will help you to take care of your diet in these weeks. The supermarkets will continue to operate, they will NOT close and they will continue to offer us food during these weeks of confinement due to Covid-19. The goal is to go out as little as possible to minimize risk as much as possible. Do not panic! You can go to the supermarket to replace some things that you need.

Create a meal schedule to enhace your nutrition

You can complete your breakfast, lunch and dinner with a small snack mid-morning or mid-afternoon. It will help you regulate your hunger during the day and not end up eating anything between meals, as well as a break at work and stretching a bit.

Create a varied and balanced weekly menu

The state of alarm that requires several days of confinement at home, will mean that monotony is the keynote. That is why it is more important than ever to vary everything that we can vary and enjoy. Organize the meals of the week according to the food you have at home so you will better manage the next purchases. Think about what and how you want to eat the food you have in that pantry. Buy all those healthy foods that you like the most.

Use cooking as therapy

Now you have no excuse! It is the opportunity to invest time in cooking. And if you have children at home, involve them and make them part of that moment. Collect all those recipes that you had pending for a long time to make them. If you want to be in contact with us during these weeks in which the coronavirus has affected our routine, you can follow us on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) We will encourage you with tips and content!

Maintain good hydration

Sometimes it is precisely when we get out of the routine, when we neglect hydration. Do not include soft drinks in your purchase and opt for water, infusions or tea. You will promote your feeling of satiety and thus control the urge of hunger during the day.

Take care of the time of lunch or dinner

It may be that the stress or worry that this isolated situation may entail makes your digestions not optimal for body nutrition. Chew well and eat slowly, mindfully. It will help you have better digestions.

Take care of your emotions

Make a list of things you want to do (clean the house, tidy up the room, read, draw, watch series, documentaries, puzzles, talk with family members …). It will help you keep your mind distracted and avoid falling into food as an escape route .

Don’t forget about exercise

Being confined does not mean not being active. If you have 2 m2 to stretch and move, you already have a training place. Create a routine to do every day at least 3 times a week (stretching, YouTube classes, app …).

Take care of your rest hours

Getting your hours of good sleep, along with exercising, will help you have more energy, better mood and better regulate your satiety mechanisms.

Make so that the coronavirus does not stop your healthy eating

During this stage in which we are going to be confined to, together, face the coronavirus (covid-19) it is very important to continue to maintain a healthy and balanced diet to enhace your nutrition:

  • Ensure a diet rich in fruit (3 servings a day), vegetables (2 servings a day), and vegetable fiber with cereals and legumes (2-3 times a week). Due to its great contribution of fiber, it will help you better regulate satiety.
    Watch your serving size with the plate method. Divide your plate into 1/2 raw or cooked vegetables, ¼ vegetable or animal protein, and ½ carbohydrates. It is a visual method that will help you get nutritionally balanced meals without exceeding quantities.
  • Avoid large meals and foods with a lot of fat. You will avoid having drowsiness after eating. Something that does matter if you have to work from home. Prioritize culinary techniques such as steam, homemade stews, oven, papillote … etc.
  • Choose healthy snacks. Whole fruit, canned in natural or frozen, vegetables (celery, carrot, cherry tomatoes …), natural dairy without added sugar (yogurt, cottage cheese, kefir, milk …) or vegetable derivative (vegetable drink or soy yogurt …), fruits dried raw or seeds, toast with avocado, cereals without added sugar … etc.
  • If despite these tips that I have given you, you have doubts or difficulties to take care of your diet these days, go ahead and learn to eat in a healthier and more balanced way by reading other of our blog articles.

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