Do you want to change habits? This is the Right Moment!!!

Change Habits

Change Habits

The coronavirus pandemic has led us to change habits in our life, in an unexpected and obligatory way.

Assuming this situation in learning mode will allow you to take advantage of all the gifts that this crisis will leave you.

“Crisis are precursors of evolution” Bruce Lipton.

Today for example, before writing this post, when reviewing the execution of the spending budget last month, I realized that I have been saving money without knowing it.

By asking myself: how has this happened? I discovered that my consumption habits have changed dramatically.

But by making more aware of the changes that have come to my life in this crisis, I found that I am being more constant in:

  • Meditating, exercising, eating healthy, studying courses, talking with my family, sharing with my family, writing on my blog, among others.

Definitely changing habits these days is much easier.

Having more time to dedicate to ourselves, having the patience to experience the changes that are almost obligatory for us to make, makes changing habits easier now.

However, to take advantage of this opportunity to change habits, it is essential to:

1. Be aware that it can be possible,

2. Take action and

3. Do what is necessary so that the changes are permanent.

And … how to achieve it?

1. To be aware of the opportunity to change habits that you have at this time:

  • Make a list of all the changes you have made recently, during this crisis.
  • Choose the ones that you consider you want to keep in your life once this crisis passes.
  • Write the reason why you think it is very important for you to maintain these habits.

2. Take action

Once you finish the previous step:

  • Order the list obtained from highest to lowest, according to the order of priority that you consider.
  • Make the decision to start with the first habit on the list, being very aware of why you want to do it.
  • Apply a method to change habits. In this post you will find what habits you should incorporate into your life.

3. Do what is necessary to make the change permanent

You have already managed to know what habit you want to change, you know how you want to achieve it and I am sure you will achieve it, but here in this phase, it is essential to make the inner changes you need so that they last.

To make a habit that you have begun to change permanent in your life, it is essential to identify and transform the fears and limiting beliefs that have led you to have the habit you want to change.

The current situation with the coronavirus, in a position of fear, you can see it as something negative, but I assure you that assuming it in learning mode will allow you to take advantage of it and leave it strengthened.

Come on, cheer up, you don’t lose anything if you try …

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