Is it true that garlic is the best food to boost the immune system?



Yes it is true that in common terms a high protein diet in which we reduce part of carbohydrates can be a very interesting approach for healthy weight loss. But not the only one.

It is also not correct to demonize all types of carbohydrates and focus solely on this macronutrient. In a weight loss diet, sources of carbohydrates can be present, such as fruits, vegetables, vegetables and legumes.

Various of legumes

Various of legumes

Instead of focusing on carbohydrate restriction, it would be more worthwhile to open this restriction to a range of unhealthy foods, of course those that are rich in sugar such as sugary drinks, sweets or pastries, but also to extend it to alcoholic beverages, flours refined and sausages.

Yes, you can follow that advice to increase the amount of protein in the diet a little because it is usually a guideline that tends to help in this kind of weight loss diets since it is a satiating and convenient nutrient for the global health.

The foods that most help improve our immune system are not necessarily so specific, that is, red pepper does not have very different properties from other vegetables.

It is true that some ingredients or spices such as garlic, ginger and turmeric may have an extra interest when it comes to helping us against aggressions and maintaining a healthy immune system.

Of course we must not forget some key nutrients such as vitamin D, vitamin C and the minerals that participate in our immune system. In this sense, what would be crucial is to ensure that we do not have any deficit of these nutrients, since supplementation is not always indicated, so it is not responsible to recommend it to the general public as a general guideline, this should be seen in a health consultation .

Great pillars of health (not eating only garlics)

But beyond focusing on specific products, such as garlic and peppers, which are of course healthy, we often forget the importance of the great pillars of health for this system.

We talk about tips as important as getting adequate rest, being physically active, being in the sun responsibly, and being at a healthy weight.

We are seeing that one of the most important factors in preventing complications and improving the prognosis of the disease is being at a healthy weight.

Of course, the simple fact of not having obesity cannot prevent us from contracting Covid in isolation, but it will help us to face the disease with much greater guarantees in the case of infection.

Isolated proteins of vegetable origin have an effectiveness very similar to animal proteins, such as the very frequent whey protein.

This is because for hypertrophy one of the biggest keys is the amount of total protein in the diet.

When there are high amounts of protein in a diet, it is really difficult for there to be a deficient amino acid that performs the role of limiting amino acid and we have protein quality problems.

If I had to choose quality vegetable protein powder to add to preparations, I would choose pea and soy protein, they are the ones with the best price and the ones that also have a good flavor.

The hemp is not so cheap and the rice does not taste as pleasant or acceptable.

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