Mindful Eating: New 5 ways to practice it – The first one is the best!

Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating is a current of thought and lifestyle that through different techniques helps you to know your body better, detect your senses and eat more consciously without being counting calories or sticking to a diet.

We propose these 5 options for you to practice Mindful Eating.

When you eat, just eat.

When eating avoid distractions, give yourself that moment to enjoy your food, avoid electronic devices such as computers, cell phones and television. Be aware of what you are doing at the moment, which is just EATING. Find a relaxed and friendly place to make the dining experience more enjoyable.

Enjoy every bite when you are mindful eating

Has it happened to you that you finish eating in 10 minutes and you didn’t even know what it was? When eating, try to do it calmly, slowly, savoring each bite. Detect the textures, colors and aromas of the dish you are eating. To prolong the experience, lower the cutlery between each bite.

Get in the kitchen

There is no healthier food than the one you prepare! So instead of counting calories to reach your healthy weight, get involved in the process of preparing your food. Use your creativity and prepare delicious, healthy and attractive dishes to the eye and to the palate.

Do not “fill up”

Eat until you are satisfied and not too full. Learn to identify the feeling of fullness without going to excess. We recommend that at the beginning you cut your portions and if you are hungry do not worry remember that in 2-3 hours you should make a snack. Also drink a glass of water before you start eating so that your body does not confuse the feeling of thirst with hunger.

Visualize your results

Every time you eat, think about what you want to achieve with what you chose to feed your body (lose weight, reduce inflammation, have more energy, etc.), so you will make a more conscious decision about what you are giving your body and why you are doing it. Remember that we are what we eat!

Eating is one of the great pleasures of life and therefore, all people deserve to have a healthy and positive relationship with their diet and their body.

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