How to workout at home with or without equipment

How to workout at home

How to workout at home

With the confinement due to the coronavirus epidemic, it seemed important to me to write an article explaining how you can workout at home. You will not need to have a lot of equipment or machines, although it may help to buy an inexpensive accessory.

Why is it important to do sports at home?

Usually, the idea of ​​exercising at home is interesting for people who do not have time to go out. In these moments of compulsory quarantine, it seems essential to me to promote the idea of ​​workout at home. There are multiple reasons, but I will insist on two:

First, playing sports generates endorphins, and anything that can help keep your spirits up during these difficult times is recommended.

Second, sedentary lifestyle is very bad for health in the medium and long term. Of course, if you stay a week without doing much exercise, usually nothing serious will happen to you. But inactivity for a long time is bad for our body. From weight gain to the risk of thrombosis, there are many reasons not to sit still.

How to workout at home: cardio exercises

You probably already know that half an hour of moderate intensity exercise is recommended five times a week. I never tire of repeating it at every opportunity. In normal times, it would be worth going for a run, or walking fast, or going for a bike ride, but right now that is not possible. Don’t worry: there are alternatives.

Cardio at home without equipment (or with cheap accessories)

Jump rope

You will hardly find a more efficient and cheaper cardio exercise than jumping rope. As you already know, it’s about turning the rope, so that it goes over your head and then under your feet, jumping on that occasion. It is an exercise with many benefits, which not only has cardiovascular effects, but also strengthens some muscles such as arms, legs, neck, shoulders and chest.

It is a type of exercise that burns many calories, and with a few minutes a day great results are achieved. However, it is not recommended for everyone. For example, overweight people may overload their knees from jumping. So do not hesitate to ask a doctor before you start doing sports at home jumping rope.

Also, be aware that house flooring can be very hard. So wear good sneakers to cushion the jumps and don’t go overboard with the duration of the exercise.

One of the drawbacks of the jump rope is the space it uses. You have to clear an area of ​​the house, and be careful with the height of the ceiling. For tall people it can be a bit tricky, but for most it shouldn’t be a problem.

Workout at home with a step

The step is an aerobic technique that uses as a main accessory a step. In gyms, an instructor usually does a routine that includes getting on and off the step repeatedly.

Of course, you can buy a step in some online store, but you can also use your imagination. If you have stairs at home, you can obviously use them to exercise without having to buy anything. And if not, you can search if you have any solid accessories that can replace the step. For example, I know that in many houses there is a small, very resistant plastic step, which is used to reach tall furniture.

And now you just need to get on YouTube and look for a step video to do a routine for a few minutes. Again, be careful with your physical situation, especially if there is a risk to your joints.

Jumping Jack

With that technique you don’t need any material. And surely you already know it. You start with your feet together and your arms crossed. Then you jump by opening your legs and raising your arms to clasp your hands above your head. You repeat the exercise several times, rest a little, and repeat again.

As with jumping rope, aif the floor of the house is usually hard, wear good shoes to cushion the reception of your jumps. Also, again, people susceptible to joint problems should be careful with this type of exercise.

Do cardio at home if you are willing to invest a little in equipment

Many of those who go to the gym pay a monthly fee of € 30 or more and end up always using the same machines. In the long run, spending € 400 on some quality home equipment could be a good alternative. And in those times of confinement with gym closings, it makes even more sense.

Workout at home with an exercise bike

Many of the benefits of cycling are applicable to the static version. It is a type of exercise that stands out compared to others that I quote in the article because it can be practiced with less risk by overweight people. Indeed, since the weight of the body is supported by the saddle, less stress is exerted on the joints, in this case the knees.

It is a highly modular sport, where you can adjust the resistance according to your level. Also, you can sit to watch series or movies while exercising. Distraction increases performance.

Buy a treadmill

Another very interesting alternative to do sports at home is to go for a treadmill of medium or higher quality. It is a tool that many people can use, since you can just limit yourself to walking. More advanced models also allow incline to increase difficulty.

By design, the treadmill absorbs shocks from fast walking or running much more, so it also has less effect on the knees. Like the stationary bike, you can watch videos in the meantime, although listening to music and staying focused is more efficient in my opinion.

One of the downsides is that it uses more space than a stationary bike.

The elliptical bike

It is a very complete activity, and it is perfect for cardio training. Although, like all sports, you have its pros and cons.

If I limit myself to the subject of exercising at home, the main drawback that I see is similar to that of the treadmill. An elliptical bike takes up quite a bit of space.


As you can see, being at home because of quarantine is not an excuse to stop working out. I have given you options, but in reality there are many more. Get informed and keep training. And when that happens, you will already have tricks to train at home for other opportunities.

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